Recruitment videos: When being bold pays dividends

INFO: 21 Oct 2016 Insight

As we discussed in our previous blog there are some things that all potential employees will want to see in your recruitment video, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take a formulaic, ‘by the numbers’ approach to producing it. Far from it. The fact is the more original your approach the more you’ll stand out from the competition.

Of course producing something that is both original, entertaining and also highly successful at marketing your organisation as a great place to come and work is a lot easier said than done, which is why this week we’re providing plenty of inspiration in the form of three videos that really challenge our ideas of what a recruitment video can be and do.


Deloitte’s interactive recruitment video, where the viewer chooses how they’d respond in a series of simulated work situations is a brilliant example of an organisation thinking creatively about their use of video in the recruitment process.

It immediately engages the viewer, forcing them to pay close attention and is incredibly effective in communicating the organisations key values and culture in a fun and innovative way.

Remember, whatever sector you’re in, it never hurts to show your more playful side, and Deloitte have done a fantastic job here of making a large, potentially quite daunting, organisation seem approachable, friendly and people focussed.


Bamboo HR

The vast majority of this video
has nothing whatsoever to do with what Bamboo HR’s employees do whilst they’re at work, and it’s genius.

Whilst the video makes it clear that their team work hard it makes it even clearer that the company recognise the importance of having a life outside work too, as well as time to really appreciate it. To this end we see them mountainbiking, swimming with their kids and generally enjoying a good standard of life.

Every frame of this video says ‘we care about the people who work for us’ and who doesn’t want to work for a company like that?


Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Part of your recruitment video’s job is to make your potential employee feel genuinely excited and inspired at the prospect of coming to work for you, and BBH’s stirring 2016 effort does this brilliantly.

They take an unapologetically bold approach, that is as much a rallying cry as it as recruitment tool, and grabs the attention from its opening moments with the statement ‘normal is boring’.

It’s an exhilarating, at time quite provocative journey they’re taking us on here, but their strategy is perfect for a recruitment video aimed at the creative sector, and brilliantly conveys their passion for thinking outside the box.


Recruitment videos can take many forms and sometimes it can pay off to be bold.

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