7 tips for Commissioning Promotional Videos

INFO: 27 Oct 2015 Tips

Fingers masking image frameCommissioning video production needn’t be a painful process. We’ve put together some simple guidelines to ensure a fruitful collaboration with your video production agency.

1. Differentiate between:  

your brand – video objectives – video messaging

There are three key pieces of information we need before we can start developing ideas for any project. Firstly, tell us about your brand, why you’re in business and what you pride yourself on. Secondly what are the  video’s objectives? In other words who is it for and what do you want to happen once the video is live? The third key piece of information we need is the messaging, what is main thing this video must communicate? Once we have this nailed down we are in a position to start generating ideas.

2. Be clear and encourage creative thinking

There is a tendency to give too little information in a brief in the hope of inspiring ‘blue sky thinking’. But the best way to inspire creativity is with more background information not less.

3. Examples of work you like, and work that relates to this project

All inspiration is shared so find as many examples as you can to characterise your visual and narrative sensibilities. TV ads, music videos, paintings or photographs can all help us synthesise your vision with our ideas. Showing us previous work that you were happy or unhappy with is also well worthwhile.

4. Specify a budget parameter

Give us a parameter to work within so that we can focus from the start on creating the highest quality product possible for your budget.

5. How you will assess tenders?

If you let us know what’s really important to you, we can concentrate on it. If price point is a deal breaker we can work with that in mind, if you know exactly what you want and just need to see our approach laid out we can focus on that.

6. Timelines

Something to be clear about from the offset so we can meet or exceed your expectations at every step.

7. Invite us in

If you invite us in to explain a concept in person it won’t cost you a penny and will bring the project alive for you in a much clearer way.


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