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INFO: 04 Oct 2016 Tips

recruitment-video tipsOne of the biggest challenges any organisation faces is finding the right person for the job. That special someone who will be able to hit the ground running and fit into the existing company culture whilst also bringing their own ideas and personality to the table so you can continue to develop and evolve. Recruitment videos are a great way to promote your organisation and let your ideal employee know exactly why they should be working for you and not the opposition.

A useful first step when planning your video is to put yourself in your potential new colleagues shoes and ask, ‘what do I want from my ideal employer?’ Whether you’re a small creative start-up or a large financial institution there are several things all prospective employees will be looking to discover about you through your video. Let’s take a look at what these are…


Talking. And not just senior management either! Whilst it’s great to have a CEO discussing the company and its goals and achievements it’s also important to show people at all levels of the organisation discussing why they love working there.

You can brief them beforehand on the sorts of answers you’re looking for but don’t worry if they say something unexpected or seemingly trivial, (eg. the canteen do a mean fry-up on a Monday morning), there’s nothing wrong with letting a bit of humour sneak in. You’re recruiting people after all, not robots, so anything that helps put a human face on your organisation is a good thing.


Be specific! Show some of the well-known projects you’ve been working on and explain how these have made a difference in the wider world. Everyone wants to feel like they’re working on something important and potentially game-changing. Your video is a great opportunity to generate real excitement and enthusiasm for what you do.

Again it’s important to hear from people at all levels of your organisation. If your graduates get a chance to immediately get involved in interesting assignments that’s a big plus, and suggests a company that really values what its staff can contribute, so let’s hear what they have to say about the challenges and opportunities they’ve been presented with.


The best candidates are going to be highly ambitious and will want to know that if they come to work for you they’ll get a chance to develop and progress in their careers. That’s why it’s vital you highlight any opportunities you can provide in terms of training and progression. Has someone in senior management worked their way up through the organisation? If so, let’s hear from them. Particularly if you’re a large organisation it’s important to make it clear that if someone excels they will be recognised and given the chance to rise up the ranks.


It’s not “just” about the exciting projects your new recruits be working on during the day however. We’ve never been more aware of the importance of striking a good work/life balance so it’s essential that your video sells the wider experience of working for your organisation.

For example, do you have a workplace gym or creche? If so make sure to include these in your video as they’re the sort of perk that can be a major deciding factor between you and a rival. They also suggest you’re an organisation that cares about its employees and their needs.

If you’re a smaller organisation the chances are you won’t be able to offer these sort of benefits, but there are still plenty of other ways of positively promoting your company’s culture. Do you have company days/ nights out, a fruitbowl to share or do you take part in the Cycle To Work scheme? These are great ways to humanise your organisation and suggest a warm, welcoming working environment communicating a happy, motivated and friendly workforce.

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