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Live Stream Video – Making it work for you

live-video-stream-make-it-workAs we’ve been discussing in our recent blogs, live stream video offers unrivalled possibilities to connect and interact with your audience, making them feel more invested and involved in your brand than ever before.

This week we’re going to get a little more specific and take a look at some practical ways in which you can integrate live stream video into your marketing strategy to create real excitement and anticipation around your next announcement or event, be it the news of a merger, the appointment of a new CEO or just simply some good news in the end of year figures.

Breaking News

Live stream video’s accessibility makes it a great way to break exciting news to your audience. If you have a following on Facebook or Twitter you can alert them ahead of time that you’re going to be making an announcement later that day or week, to generate a real sense of expectation and interest around your story.

When the time comes to make the announcement platforms such as Facebook Live or Periscope (which we discussed in more detail here) will allow you to present a very human and accessible face to your organisation as you make the announcement, whilst the interactive nature of the broadcast allows you to gauge very quickly how your audience feel about the news you’re breaking, and flag up any concerns they may have.

Big Events

Whilst it’s worth bringing in the professionals in to ensure the live broadcast of any major event or project launch is suitably high spec and well… professional looking that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use the more lo-fi live stream platforms to generate further excitement and interest around what you’re doing.

Send out your staff to show us around a big event, maybe providing some backstage access. Ask your audience to let you know who and what they want to see so you can really keep them involved.

Once the main event is over you want to keep people talking about it for as long as you can and live stream video is perfect for this.

Host a Q&A immediately afterwards where you can answer questions that are bound to have arisen.

Get feedback from other senior figures present, and ask the viewers to let you know what they think as well. Not only will this help to cement the idea of the event being a big deal, it’s a great way to assess immediately how successful it has been with the people who matter to you most.

Maintaining Interest

If you’re launching a new product live stream video is a fantastic tool for maintaining consumer interest in between the announcement and its physical launch.

Hold a live demonstration where you can really showcase what your new product can do. As always encourage your viewers to ask questions and get involved, their insights will allow you to make any final fine tunings before they get their hands on it.

Once they do, they will undoubtedly have even more questions so hold a Q&A to address these. These sort of events are a great way of showing your followers that you care about them getting the best out of something you’ve spent the last few years sweating over.

You can read more about Live Stream Video platforms here

Why Live video will make your audience love you

In our last blog we talked about just why live video streaming is becoming the video marketer’s new best friend.

This week we’re going to explore in more detail how you can use it to reach out to your audience and make them feel more invested in you and your brand than ever before. 

So why does our audience love live video?

audiences-love-videoWith this in mind, interactivity should always be at the heart of your thinking when using live video. If you try to think of it as a truly meaningful way to collaborate with your audience you won’t go far wrong.

How can we best make use of it?

Live Q&A’s are an incredibly effective and relatively hassle free way of utilising the format, and are a good first step. We’ll look in more detail at hosting your first live Q&A in the next few weeks, but for now let’s concentrate on why they’re so popular.

First and foremost they’re a great way of saying to your customers ‘we care about what you think’.

They also provide a fantastic opportunity to humanise your organisation. The somewhat lo-fi nature of these types of broadcast only enhances that feeling of speaking to a real person, and let’s face it, you’re a lot more likely to feel loyalty to a brand if you’ve established some sort of relationship and rapport with the people behind it.

Of course it’s not just about what your customers get out of this kind of broadcast. They can also be immensely valuable to your organisation. The informality of the format really encourages the kind of honest and engaged feedback that you would otherwise struggle to generate in such a short amount of time.

Live Q&A’s also offer a very effective way to demonstrate to your staff just how much you value their knowledge and expertise. By having them front one you’re showing a huge amount of faith in their talents and abilities, which let’s face it, is quite the ego boost!

Ok, so we’ve done a live Q&A, what else can we do?

In short, anything that makes the viewer feel included, engaged and like they’re part of what you’re doing.

Product tutorials are another popular option, again in large part because of their interactivity. The tutor hasn’t covered something you’re desperate to know? Not a problem. Message them in real time and they can get right onto it. You just can’t provide this sort of highly responsive service any other way, and the viewer comes away feeling like they really matter to you which has got to be a good thing right?

Livestreaming from conferences or product launches can also be a great way to make those who can’t be there in person feel valued and part of your story. Yes, you’ll probably want to engage a video agency for something like this where presentation will be more important, but a slickly presented event will have that wow factor that will really get your audience (and competitors!) talking.

And remember, it’s not a case of either going for the professional broadcast or the more lo-fi option; you can incorporate both elements into your strategy for a more interactive and rounded experience (more on this next week!).

Another option is to provide some ‘behind the scenes’ access. We all like to feel as if we’re getting to see something that is normally off-limits and this kind of privileged, VIP treatment can make the viewer feel really appreciated. Again, this can be very easy to provide. Something as simple as a backstage tour at a new product launch or a quick guided tour of the office can have a big impact. Never underestimate how interested people will be in seeing where the magic happens!

Ok. I think I’m starting to get the picture.

Great! In the next blog we’ll look at how you can incorporate all these ideas into a coherent video strategy that will make your audience as excited about your next big product launch or event as you are. See you then!

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Live Video is your new best friend

So why do I need live video?  

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard your colleagues talking about the benefits of integrating live video into your organisation’s video strategy, but even still, if you’ve not used it before you could be forgiven for being a little sceptical about its use in a commercial context.

After all, until comparatively recently, corporate video has almost exclusively meant a highly polished and slick looking piece of work that will have gone through many, many stages of careful planning, production and editing to ensure that the finished film is both on-message and reflective of your company’s key values and beliefs.

Obviously with live video you lose some of that control over the final product, but as we’ll discuss in this blog, with careful preparation, live video can be an amazingly powerful and effective weapon in the video marketer’s arsenal, allowing you to interact and engage with your audience in real time, in a way that would otherwise be nigh on impossible.

live-streamWhat are my options?

In a commercial context you have two basic avenues open to you and it’s worth spending some time thinking about which will be most effective for your organisation.


At one end of the scale you have the more ‘lo-fi’ option. This would involve using one of the many popular live video hosting platforms such as periscope or facebook live (there’ll be more on deciding which one will suit you best in a future blog) to live-stream the video yourself from your mobile or tablet device.

This is an incredibly easy and accessible option and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. 

Whilst the finished product may be rather rough and ready compared with what you’re used to, these platforms all encourage heavy user interaction, so it can be a highly effective way to communicate directly with your audience if used correctly, and can create that vital ‘feel-good factor’ around your brand.

This is a great option if you want to stream something where your primary focus is the video’s content rather than its presentation, for example, broadcasting a live q&a with your Head of Design, or taking your viewer for a candid ‘behind the scenes’ look around your office.

Its low-key feel can actually be a great way at making your organisation feel more human and down to earth, so don’t worry if there’s a bit of camera wobble or your Head of Design’s wearing a scruffy old hoodie for dress-down Friday!

Your audience will love feeling like they’re being given access to something they wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

A Job for the Professionals

At the other end of the scale we have the more high-spec and dare we say ‘professional’ option. Going down this route will require bringing in a specialist video agency, and whilst this will involve a greater initial outlay, it’s worth going to the expense if you want your live stream broadcast to have the ‘wow factor’ that will leave your audience speechless.

This is definitely your best option if you’re looking to live stream something like a keynote speech from a conference or a new product launch, anything in fact, where you’ll appreciate the benefit of multiple camera angles, higher quality sound and visuals and a generally far more polished level of presentation.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing you have professionals on hand who have the knowledge and experience to deal with the logistics of broadcasting such an important event without any technical hitches.

Trust us, you really don’t want to be fretting about whether the wi-fi signal’s going to go down thirty seconds before your CEO takes to the stage!


Hopefully we’ve gone some way to convincing you just how potent a tool live video can be. In the next blog we’ll take a more detailed look at how your organisation can optimise its effectiveness to make your audience engage like never before.

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