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Our favourite recent museum and gallery trailers

This week we turn our attention to captivating museum and gallery video trailers and consider just what it is that makes them so successful. Exhibition promos face similar challenges to those we discussed in regards to theatre trailers in this article, namely that paintings and artefacts that appear visually stunning in the flesh are often less impactful when viewed on the small screen.

The best trailers therefore have to provide a sense of context, drama and narrative that brings the world of the exhibition alive, as the following examples ably demonstrate.

Royal Academy – Abstract Expressionism Royal Academy Abstract Expressionism trailer

The Royal Academy’s trailer doesn’t feature a single work from exhibition itself. Instead, it borrows Jackson Pollock’s famous paint dripping technique in a high impact animated sequence full of movement and colour that cleverly highlights the big names featured in the show.

This may seem like a high risk strategy but in this instance it works brilliantly. By focusing on the physical act of applying paint to canvas it reminds us just how revolutionary the Abstract Expressionists were as artists and makes a movement that is very familiar to us feel fresh and exciting.


Museum of London – Punks London Museum - Punks exhibition trailer

One of the benefits with a movement such as punk is that there are still many witnesses around to tell its story.

The London Museum have utilised this rich resource superbly, incorporating a series of evocative and highly entertaining sound bites that vividly capture the rebellious mood of the period.

This living connection adds a real sense of authority and authenticity to the exhibition, something that will always resonate strongly with an audience.


National Gallery – Painter’s Paintings museum-trailers-3

The best exhibitions tell a story, and this trailer for Painter’s Paintings hints at many, offering a series of tantalising clues as to the relationships and connections between some of history’s greatest artists and paintings.

By pairing and juxtaposing the works of a quite disparate range of artists we are promised new perspectives and a richer understanding of painters we may be very familiar with; an intriguing proposition for any art lover.


V&A – You Say You Want a Revolution? 

This trailer, a kaleidoscopic collage of iconic images, figures and sounds from the period, does a great job of conveying the sense of excitement, hope and endless possibilities that people felt in the late nineteen-sixties.

With such a deeply immersive experience, so rich in period detail, it really doesn’t matter that we’re not told what we’re going to actually see in the exhibition itself. It is enough in this case just to evoke the period and what it stood for.


Science Museum – Wounded  science museum Wounded exhibition video  

Archive footage is an incredibly effective way to connect your audience to the story your exhibition is trying to tell, and can really bring a distant era to life.

The emotive footage seen here forces the audience question what happened to these terribly injured men once the war had ended, something that the exhibition promises to answer. Trailers that can provoke an audience to ask questions and really engage with a topic go a long way towards convincing them to book tickets.


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Why video live stream blog thumb

Live Video is your new best friend

So why do I need live video?  

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard your colleagues talking about the benefits of integrating live video into your organisation’s video strategy, but even still, if you’ve not used it before you could be forgiven for being a little sceptical about its use in a commercial context.

After all, until comparatively recently, corporate video has almost exclusively meant a highly polished and slick looking piece of work that will have gone through many, many stages of careful planning, production and editing to ensure that the finished film is both on-message and reflective of your company’s key values and beliefs.

Obviously with live video you lose some of that control over the final product, but as we’ll discuss in this blog, with careful preparation, live video can be an amazingly powerful and effective weapon in the video marketer’s arsenal, allowing you to interact and engage with your audience in real time, in a way that would otherwise be nigh on impossible.

live-streamWhat are my options?

In a commercial context you have two basic avenues open to you and it’s worth spending some time thinking about which will be most effective for your organisation.


At one end of the scale you have the more ‘lo-fi’ option. This would involve using one of the many popular live video hosting platforms such as periscope or facebook live (there’ll be more on deciding which one will suit you best in a future blog) to live-stream the video yourself from your mobile or tablet device.

This is an incredibly easy and accessible option and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. 

Whilst the finished product may be rather rough and ready compared with what you’re used to, these platforms all encourage heavy user interaction, so it can be a highly effective way to communicate directly with your audience if used correctly, and can create that vital ‘feel-good factor’ around your brand.

This is a great option if you want to stream something where your primary focus is the video’s content rather than its presentation, for example, broadcasting a live q&a with your Head of Design, or taking your viewer for a candid ‘behind the scenes’ look around your office.

Its low-key feel can actually be a great way at making your organisation feel more human and down to earth, so don’t worry if there’s a bit of camera wobble or your Head of Design’s wearing a scruffy old hoodie for dress-down Friday!

Your audience will love feeling like they’re being given access to something they wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

A Job for the Professionals

At the other end of the scale we have the more high-spec and dare we say ‘professional’ option. Going down this route will require bringing in a specialist video agency, and whilst this will involve a greater initial outlay, it’s worth going to the expense if you want your live stream broadcast to have the ‘wow factor’ that will leave your audience speechless.

This is definitely your best option if you’re looking to live stream something like a keynote speech from a conference or a new product launch, anything in fact, where you’ll appreciate the benefit of multiple camera angles, higher quality sound and visuals and a generally far more polished level of presentation.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing you have professionals on hand who have the knowledge and experience to deal with the logistics of broadcasting such an important event without any technical hitches.

Trust us, you really don’t want to be fretting about whether the wi-fi signal’s going to go down thirty seconds before your CEO takes to the stage!


Hopefully we’ve gone some way to convincing you just how potent a tool live video can be. In the next blog we’ll take a more detailed look at how your organisation can optimise its effectiveness to make your audience engage like never before.

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recruitment-video tips

How to recruit top talent with video

recruitment-video tipsOne of the biggest challenges any organisation faces is finding the right person for the job. That special someone who will be able to hit the ground running and fit into the existing company culture whilst also bringing their own ideas and personality to the table so you can continue to develop and evolve. Recruitment videos are a great way to promote your organisation and let your ideal employee know exactly why they should be working for you and not the opposition.

A useful first step when planning your video is to put yourself in your potential new colleagues shoes and ask, ‘what do I want from my ideal employer?’ Whether you’re a small creative start-up or a large financial institution there are several things all prospective employees will be looking to discover about you through your video. Let’s take a look at what these are…


Talking. And not just senior management either! Whilst it’s great to have a CEO discussing the company and its goals and achievements it’s also important to show people at all levels of the organisation discussing why they love working there.

You can brief them beforehand on the sorts of answers you’re looking for but don’t worry if they say something unexpected or seemingly trivial, (eg. the canteen do a mean fry-up on a Monday morning), there’s nothing wrong with letting a bit of humour sneak in. You’re recruiting people after all, not robots, so anything that helps put a human face on your organisation is a good thing.


Be specific! Show some of the well-known projects you’ve been working on and explain how these have made a difference in the wider world. Everyone wants to feel like they’re working on something important and potentially game-changing. Your video is a great opportunity to generate real excitement and enthusiasm for what you do.

Again it’s important to hear from people at all levels of your organisation. If your graduates get a chance to immediately get involved in interesting assignments that’s a big plus, and suggests a company that really values what its staff can contribute, so let’s hear what they have to say about the challenges and opportunities they’ve been presented with.


The best candidates are going to be highly ambitious and will want to know that if they come to work for you they’ll get a chance to develop and progress in their careers. That’s why it’s vital you highlight any opportunities you can provide in terms of training and progression. Has someone in senior management worked their way up through the organisation? If so, let’s hear from them. Particularly if you’re a large organisation it’s important to make it clear that if someone excels they will be recognised and given the chance to rise up the ranks.


It’s not “just” about the exciting projects your new recruits be working on during the day however. We’ve never been more aware of the importance of striking a good work/life balance so it’s essential that your video sells the wider experience of working for your organisation.

For example, do you have a workplace gym or creche? If so make sure to include these in your video as they’re the sort of perk that can be a major deciding factor between you and a rival. They also suggest you’re an organisation that cares about its employees and their needs.

If you’re a smaller organisation the chances are you won’t be able to offer these sort of benefits, but there are still plenty of other ways of positively promoting your company’s culture. Do you have company days/ nights out, a fruitbowl to share or do you take part in the Cycle To Work scheme? These are great ways to humanise your organisation and suggest a warm, welcoming working environment communicating a happy, motivated and friendly workforce.

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Event Video Tips: Present Like A Pro

Event video interview screenshot

Speaking on camera can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but you don’t need hours of expensive media training to make a strong impression when the director shouts ‘action!’

Below we look at some simple, practical steps you can take to ensure that when the cameras start rolling you can be confident of giving a good account of yourself and your organisation.

Keep it short. Keep it simple.

Event videos are short, as are people’s attention spans, so don’t try to cram too much in. Most video’s will only run to a couple of minutes in length and may contain several other interviews so you’ll need to deliver all you have to say in around thirty seconds. How many words is that you ask? Not many. Around seventy. The same number as are in this paragraph in fact!

Think about who you’re talking to and what’s in it for them.

If you were a delegate or exhibitor what would be the three things you’d want to know? These are the only things you need to mention. Nothing more. This isn’t a wedding, there’s no need for endless speeches and thank you’s!

Try and relax.

Easier said than done we know, but it is possible to manage those jitters. Ask the crew to stage your piece as an interview. Having someone else to respond to and focus on whilst talking should help make you feel less self-conscious and the conversational tone will also help to give you more authority on camera. Brief your interviewer beforehand on the key messages you want to convey so they can provide suitable prompts and keep you on track once the interview is underway.

It’s also good to remember that this isn’t going out live. You can do multiple takes if necessary so don’t worry about making mistakes!


It may sound obvious but it’s an incredibly effective way of engaging an audience and will immediately make the viewer warm to you. It also sends out a message that you’re confident and in control, exactly the qualities your future attendees want to see. If you’re looking pensive or worried the viewer will start wondering why and very quickly disengage with what you’re saying no matter how fascinating it may be!

Stop slouching!

Open and inviting body language is another very simple way of creating a positive impression in the minds of the viewer, so take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and uncross those arms. Keeping your focus on the interviewer should help loosen you up and will also stop nervous fidgeting and other bad habits from creeping into your performance!

Show some enthusiasm!

There’s nothing wrong with conveying your excitement about the event so don’t worry if you find yourself gesticulating a little as you talk. After all, enthusiasm is contagious!

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Crowd at music event

How To Pick The Right Event Video Agency

crowd2In event video production, long-term relationships will yield countless benefits, not least savings on cost and time. But know that once you begin working with a video producer you commit your brand to their unique interpretation, so it’s incredibly important to pick the right event video agency from the off. Below are some key factors that will help you pick the agency to ride off into the sunset with. Broadly we can separate these factors into pre-meeting and meeting.


Study their previous work and get an idea of their visual style and approach. Even if there is no close equivalent to you in terms of event, if you like their style it’s worth going further.

Practically its important to establish how they work in terms of timelines; how quickly can the video be turned around from shoot to delivery? It’s important to be wary of timelines that sound too good to be true because either they’ll miss them or they’ll deliver a sub par service. At the same time, if your priority is very regular content, there are certain agencies that will go the extra mile to meet that demand.

A good agency will always be thinking long term straightaway, and will bring you opinions about a sustainable video strategy.

Will you have a dedicated point of contact in the agency? Is that the person you are talking to, or are you going to be passed off to someone else and have to re tell the whole story? At Impact we make sure that the first person you deal with will be with you throughout.

This is about as far as you can go without meeting the agency, but it’s certainly not far enough to decide if it can work long term.



Set up a meeting and be prepared to ask a lot of questions. You need to establish a number of qualitative and quantitative points about how this relationship can work. If the agency is worth their salt, they will answer most of your questions without you having to ask them.

Try to see if they understand your business and your needs, both long and short term. Of course it’s your job to communicate what’s most important to you, but are they really listening, do they care? Following on from this, a good agency should be knowledgeable on every stage of video strategy from concept to distribution channels.

Find out if they have ideas even at this early stage. Although a first meeting is primarily about understanding your needs and your business, any good agency will already have a ton of ideas spinning around their heads, so don’t be afraid to ask to hear them. This will help establish if you are on the same page and can work together long term.

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